REPIC was founded in 2004 by producers of electrical and electronic goods to ensure end-of-life products were being recycled responsibly, even before the law was introduced which required them
to do this.

Responsible recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment – or WEEE, for short – has become a major environmental goal. So much so, that in 2003, the EU put laws in place to make sure WEEE was being recycled and not sent straight to landfill sites. The UK introduced Regulations in 2006 and began operating under this law from July 1st 2007.

Under these laws, producers of electricals are required to collect and recycle their share of products when the consumer discards them. The government must demonstrate to the European Commission
that a certain amount of product gets recycled responsibly and to specified levels.

REPIC is made up of a group of members, we call them producer partners.
These members are manufacturers of household electrical equipment. Together, REPIC members represent around half of the million tonnes or so of household electrical and electronic products
sold in the UK.

REPIC ensures its members reach their target by arranging the collection, treatment and responsible recycling of their used electricals in dedicated treatment plants. REPIC then receives confirmation
from the UK environment Agencies to demonstrate it has complied with these laws and played its
part in responsible recycling.

But we all have a part to play. See why you play yours, here.