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Joe Bouttell

I have had a great time with Joe and his family due to the fact that they have given me food, treatment and a bed. (Phew,lucky me!) We have done lots of things together.  On Thursday night we watched Master Chef Professionals and then it was time for bed!  I didn’t want to sleep next to Joes’ crocodile in case I got a bit scared so I sat next to Joe’s  little dog.

On Friday I waved goodbye to Joe and his sister, then I put up my feet and watched TV with Joe’s dog.  Then Joe came home and we both watched TV.  We watched the Flintstones, and after that we had tea.  Joe got sauce all down his pyjamas, and then we went to bed.

On Saturday Rachel was rushing to get ready for her academy lessons.  After she got back, we went round next door to ask if Taylor could come round to play.  We played on Joe’s new game Creatria. Soon, Taylor went home and then we got ready for Ryan’s party.  Joe had a swell time there and when he came home, we got ready for bed.

On Sunday Rachel went off to go swimming, so we watched TV. Next, Joe went to foot ball and won against Spilsby 9-2.  After that we came home and Joe’s Grandma came round.  We had chicken dinner (yum!)  Finally we watched Strictly Come Dancing, Joes Grandma went home and then we went to bed.   To sum up, I have had a great time with Joe and I am very lucky to have a friend like him.

Joe Boutell
Fosse Way Academy