Freya Marsland

In the morning REPIC and I ate breakfast watching Friday download. He ate all my corn flakes therefor he got a very mucky mouth! Suddenly dad said it’s time to get ready for gymnastics. REPIC took me to gym, he also watched me. Here is a list of the things I did at gym : Warm up, stretches, badge training and even floor work!!! Quick so very quick gym went so fast by the time I knew it we were saying thank you to the coaches. Running into the extremely dirty car (which was parked on the crunchy gravel) we set of to go home as soon as we got inside. After a hour we had delightful dinner it was a cheese, cucumber and salad cream rap on the other hand my brother was eating meat past sandwiches. Later on that day we went to ‘pets at home’ the reason we went to look around there is because we were looking for the items for our new Syrian hamster who we are getting in the Spring. Yummy and tasty we went home for tea.

Funny and embarrassing mum made me go to Tesco in my PJ’s to get my chocolate pastry. It was so fantastic, I really enjoyed how delicious it was. After lunch we went to the cinema to watch Paddington the bear from deepest Peru that ends up living in London with a lovely family. Finally after the cinema we went to the Swan Holme for an enjoyable meal. I had pasta but ice cream for desert as there was a problem with the gas supply in the busy kitchen. Then we called into my grandma and granddads to visit them after they had been in Norfolk all weekend at our caravan.




Freya Marsland

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