Livia Briggs

Livia Briggs

Livia and r3p1c

My name is livia and I have got r3p1c. Read on to find out what we did?

After school
After school we went to Grandma’s , we studied the digestion stem and, how it works. I read to r3p1c more about , the digestion because r3p1c did not know what it was ,r3p1c does now. Then we had dinner I had bread and butter with tin hoops. Then mum came, we had to go home.

At home
I showed r3p1c around the house .Then we had a shower, we watched a lot off TV. Then dad said. GO TO BED.

In bed
I talked through my teddy’s and hotey [is a hot water bottle] we are having lots of fun playing and on r3p1c face[that is a TV.] Were watching it. We started to look at the clock constantly, and chatting, but we loved it.

Friday morning
On Friday morning we came down not surprised to see Harry we got in are pyjamas and then started this report. Then mum came down we had to have our breakfast. I had porridge so did r3p1c.

Friday afternoon
At school we are allowed to have teds in the class only because it is PG day .[so r3p1c is in] next lesson is literacy R3p1c helped me and friends, So well done r3p1c you have helped me and frends.r3p1c helped a lot.

Saturday morning
Saturday the busiest day of the week we have got swimming, Grandad comes and TRSPA. Can not wait I mean of cause I could wait.

Now granddad is here yes I love it when he is here because I love granddad.Erey Saturday we get a adult word and we find out wat it means,this week we got well I fgot but it ment when you are not in a grop or a club.

I go swimming on Saturday I go first then it is Harry. Dad gives me a 1£ to buy a little snack too keep me going ,I had yogert and cherey cake thing.I loved it any way what ever it was.

This is all of my friends at trspa .There names are[Jasmine, Sammey, Georgette, r3p1c and Izzi] we are all in group stage 1: We are in the dining room were we have are break .We have 3 lesons: dance,songs and drama. Our favourite is drama when we do it because some times it is dance in drama.

Livia Briggs
Fosse Way Academy