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Sophie Sinclair

After school on Friday me and Repic went in the car to Wragby with my dad. At 5.30 to 6.00 me and Repic went swimming at Wragby swimming Hall and It was great FUN.

On Saturday me and Repic went to dance so I could practise for my dance exam for next weekend.

I stayed in Lincoln and I looked around Sainsbury’s me, Repic and dad we got a couple of things. My dad got me and Repic some Yorkshire puddings for our Sunday diners.

On Sunday I woke up and me and Repic could not wake up my dad so we watched Horrid Henry instead. Suddenly my dad woke up and we went down stairs and we put the TV on.

In a little bit we had some breakfast and it was so YUMMY.

Soon my friend came to my house. She is older than me she is 10 years old. We played some fun games that me, Repic and my friend could play together.

Soon are Sunday diner was ready so we had to go down. Repic and me thought that the Sunday diner was so good.

Soon me, Repic and my friend went back up and we played some more games. Then we put a DVD on and it was called Hello  kitty and we laughed.

Sophie Sinclair

Fosse Way Academy