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On Friday I went to cub camp and I picked my tent, with Ben, Ryan, Saul and R3P1C. It was quite big as it had 2 rooms.

On Saturday, I woke up at 5.30AM and made a camp fire. We had to wait till 9.00AM to have breakfast which was a hot dog. At 10.00AM, we started the activities and I took R3P1C on the go-carts. Next, we went rock climbing which went really high. After that, we went rifle shooting and I hit the bell. By that time it was time for dinner which was burgers and I had 4! We also had marshmallows around the campfire whilst singing songs. That night, it was really cold but I fell asleep very quickly.

On Sunday, we started by doing archery; I hit the middle twice! After that, we went to the gift shop and I bought an owl keyring. Next, we started packing but finished quite quickly. Then, we played football for 1hr 30minutes. By that time it was 3.00PM which was time to go home.


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Today, I went to Jaguar Land Rover. Before we went to see how they were made, we listened to Matt, the man at the centre. I had to listen for ages! Well it seemed like that to me! Because the guides were ready, I set out with my team. My leader was called Bob.

Finally, we got into the mini bus that would drive us around the factory. I learnt that the factory is like a town! There are all sorts of things!

There are lots of types of Land Rovers. Range Rovers, Land Rovers, Discovery and a few more I can’t remember. In the mini bus, I saw lots of blue lorries delivering parts for the cars. Before me and my team went to see the inside of the factory, I looked at a signed car and played with some small robots. Like a cheetah, my friends and I, including our guide, hurtled up the stairs, eager to see the inside of the factory.

I put on my goggles and stared at the machines below me. Was I like them? Am I stiff? No! Everybody likes me because I have been on lots of adventures, unlike the glue dudes down there. Happily staring, I looked at the nearly born cars. Some of my friends might get these.

I forgot to mention that Jaguars are still made. There are all sorts of types and I thought they looked very sleek. The Land Rover, Discovery, is around 65 years old! I am not that old yet!

After seeing how then Land Rovers were made, we went down to the Discovery. I didn’t like it because sparks were flying everywhere. To my surprise, a spark landed in front of me!

After ages of walking, and getting in minibuses, I and my

My eyes were hypnotised by the busy bustle of workers and the moving parts. My ears burst with sound of clanking, chattering and the roaring of cars being that tested out. My mouth was blocked by the unfriendly cardigan that held me tight. With all the bustle, I only her one word which was has sassy. What has a sassy got to do with a car?

Finally, we got back, had lunch, built Lego cars and made my friend, PIPPIN, follow a line. With my feet aching, I sat down on the green and forgot to take a free magazine. On the green bus, I snoozed and thought of me driving a Land Rover…


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