Recycling Waste Electronics

Electronic devices contain a range of materials that can be separated for recycling and used
in new products.

Once transported from your recycling centre, waste electricals are shredded at a reprocessing plant.
The shredded pieces then pass through magnets, electronic currents and other sortation techniques
to separate out the different materials.


Plastic casing used on your household appliances can be remoulded to make guttering
for your house, garden furniture or even your recorder…


Metal is another key material in electronic items, and of special interest in the recycling process…

Copper is used in motors and can be used to make new coins and wire.
Did you know that copper mixed with zinc produces brass, while copper mixed with tin makes bronze..?

Steel found in kettles can be transformed into beams for construction, or parts of a car
or a new washing machine.

Circuit boards from your computer and your old SIM card contain not any old metal,
but precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium!

Recycling all of these materials helps save resources and energy.

See how it’s done in our video.