Your Role

Every year, UK consumers and businesses buy about 1.5 million tonnes of new electrical and electronic
equipment (EEE) and discard an estimated one million tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment (known as WEEE). WEEE is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the UK and
in the EU and therefore demands both our attention and our action.

Just as we separate our plastic bottles and tins from paper and compostables, we all need to separate
our old electrical appliances for responsible recycling and take them to a local recycling centre.
The best thing to do is to take any old electrical items you have on your next trip to the recycling centre,
perhaps when you take garden or other waste, rather than making a separate trip.
It’s better for the environment and cheaper for you.

Some of the components used to make electronic goods can be hazardous and harmful to the
environment, while others can be recycled and reused. Some are even precious and contain gold,
silver or palladium.

Your role is to help the UK meet our 65% WEEE collection target.

Any items with this symbol on should be taken to a recycling centre near you: