Local Authorities

What happens to your old electricals after you’ve dropped them at your local recycling centre?

Many local authorities and councils across the UK rely on REPIC and its waste management partners
to empty the WEEE and battery containers at their household recycling sites. These partner local
authorities can have peace of mind, because our comprehensive audit and reports demonstrate
WEEE has been properly recycled with the least possible impact on the environment.

Local authority household recycling sites form the backbone of the WEEE collection network and
play a vital role in helping consumers to maximise the amount of WEEE that is separately collected,
therefore minimising that which goes into landfill.

Landfilling WEEE could cause environmental damage and also doesn’t make economic sense.
Many of the materials in modern day electricals are scarce, many come from mines in parts of the world
where environmental controls are less stringent or regions with less stable Governments.
For these reasons and in order to maintain supply and be able to keep making new products,
it is important to recover and recycle these scarce products within Europe.

REPIC can help by tracking and tracing the full WEEE trail – from the recycling centre to the
treatment plant. REPIC produces regular reports on how many tonnes of TVs, microwaves and all
other types of products are collected.

This is important, because different items have different qualities and can be recycled into different things.
See what makes what in our video.