Epic Repic Reporter

This month: Suzanne Holly, Teacher from Hollymount Primary School

Probably my children's bunk beds, when they outgrew them their Granddad used the wood to make shelves for his greenhouse. By reducing the amount of harm we do to the environment by reusing things like this, we can make sure that people and nature can all live together in balance.

I like to teach about sustainability, re-using and making the most of what we have so we don't have to deplete any more of the earth's resources. The strangest question I've been asked during my lessons is How many times can a mobile phone be charged from the energy produced by one rotation of a wind turbine?

The fact my Year 4 class were the most fascinated by was that fizzy drink cans could be recycled into parts of a smart phone.

We’re using the world’s resources faster than ever – but if we recycle our rubbish properly waste recycling companies like Viridor can turn that waste into wonderful new products.

Over the past 50 years, the world has been using more and more resources and this is becoming a big problem. We’re slowly running out of space to put all the waste that is created and eventually we won’t have any left! So that’s where companies like Viridor step in.

Viridor is a waste recycling company – this means instead of throwing away waste it’s taken and turned it into something new. Each year, across the UK, Viridor recycles around 2.3 million tonnes of waste material – items such as microwaves, ovens and computers, TVs and washing machines.

One of the most important and complicated parts of what Viridor does is recycling WEEE – this stands for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment and includes things like used and broken TV’s, washing machines, phones and electrical gadgets. In the UK nearly one million tonnes of WEEE is thrown away each year and thanks to all the gadgets we now use this is only getting bigger.

Electrical equipment is made up of hundreds of different parts and materials which can be hard to recover. Viridor has special machines that break down the electricals and separate all the different parts and materials such as metal and plastic. Appliances they can recycle include TVs, fridges and computers and over 90% of the parts are recovered and the materials used again in new products.