Eve Scott

I had a great time with REPIC.  He taught me a lot about saving energy and recycling.

We went to see Nativity 3 at the cinema. The car has low CO2 emissions, therefore it is better for the environment.

In this picture REPIC is showing me that turning the lights off saves electricity.

lights Eve Repic (2)














REPIC was helping mum put the washing in the washing machine at 30 degrees celsius to save energy.

Machine Eve Repic (2)














So we can reuse cans, plastic and paper, REPIC and I put away the recycling.

Recycling Eve Repic (2)














Eve Scott

Fosse Way Academy



Freya Marsland

In the morning REPIC and I ate breakfast watching Friday download. He ate all my corn flakes therefor he got a very mucky mouth! Suddenly dad said it’s time to get ready for gymnastics. REPIC took me to gym, he also watched me. Here is a list of the things I did at gym : Warm up, stretches, badge training and even floor work!!! Quick so very quick gym went so fast by the time I knew it we were saying thank you to the coaches. Running into the extremely dirty car (which was parked on the crunchy gravel) we set of to go home as soon as we got inside. After a hour we had delightful dinner it was a cheese, cucumber and salad cream rap on the other hand my brother was eating meat past sandwiches. Later on that day we went to ‘pets at home’ the reason we went to look around there is because we were looking for the items for our new Syrian hamster who we are getting in the Spring. Yummy and tasty we went home for tea.

Funny and embarrassing mum made me go to Tesco in my PJ’s to get my chocolate pastry. It was so fantastic, I really enjoyed how delicious it was. After lunch we went to the cinema to watch Paddington the bear from deepest Peru that ends up living in London with a lovely family. Finally after the cinema we went to the Swan Holme for an enjoyable meal. I had pasta but ice cream for desert as there was a problem with the gas supply in the busy kitchen. Then we called into my grandma and granddads to visit them after they had been in Norfolk all weekend at our caravan.




Freya Marsland

Fosse Way Academy

Casey Robinson 2

Casey Robinson

We took R3P1C to Collingham Quarry on Saturday to work the dogs and he loved it. He even got a photo taken near some deer tracks we found. We had a great time out in the fresh air mooching with dad and Spike.

He also earned his keep on Sunday by serving teas and coffees at my football match. We raised £185 for the Ebola appeal. He did extremely well and was praised by my coach’s wife for being so helpful!



Casey Robinson

Fosse Way Academy

REPIC School Adventure graphic resized for blog

Sophie Sinclair

After school on Friday me and Repic went in the car to Wragby with my dad. At 5.30 to 6.00 me and Repic went swimming at Wragby swimming Hall and It was great FUN.

On Saturday me and Repic went to dance so I could practise for my dance exam for next weekend.

I stayed in Lincoln and I looked around Sainsbury’s me, Repic and dad we got a couple of things. My dad got me and Repic some Yorkshire puddings for our Sunday diners.

On Sunday I woke up and me and Repic could not wake up my dad so we watched Horrid Henry instead. Suddenly my dad woke up and we went down stairs and we put the TV on.

In a little bit we had some breakfast and it was so YUMMY.

Soon my friend came to my house. She is older than me she is 10 years old. We played some fun games that me, Repic and my friend could play together.

Soon are Sunday diner was ready so we had to go down. Repic and me thought that the Sunday diner was so good.

Soon me, Repic and my friend went back up and we played some more games. Then we put a DVD on and it was called Hello  kitty and we laughed.

Sophie Sinclair

Fosse Way Academy

Repic Responsible Recycling Schools Comp featured image

Grace Haw

R3PIC’S Cinema Adventure

Today me and R3P1C went to the cinema, it is a very special cinema, called Kinema in the Woods at Woodhall Spa. It was a rainy winters day and the cinema is an old building in the woods, which looked a bit spooky. R3P1C was very excited and a bit scared and nervous because he had never been before!  I held his hand tight. We went to see Nativity 3 Dude, Where’s My Donkey? We all loved it! It was very funny.

The best bit about the special cinema is the interval because the big organ comes up out of the stage, which a man plays, the disco ball shines and instruments play all on their own! It was so much fun. All of a sudden R3P1C started dancing around the glitter ball along to the music! He was grooving and jiggling and didn’t want to leave!

Grace Haw

Fosse Way Academy

Tyler resized


First we went out and we saw Santa.

Next we went to a stall and we won some hot chocolate on the tombola. After that I had a massive double chocolate muffin but R3P1C stole it.


Then my baby cousin came round. When they went I played on minecraft. Then I did puzzles.


Fosse Way Academy

Lucy Barlow resized

Lucy Barlow

I have been on an autumn adventure with the Barlow family. I have had lots of fun looking at the nature around us. Lucy has helped me climb trees sometimes I got very high but was always very careful.


We had lots of fun feeding the ducks. It’s a good job we took plenty of bread they were very hungry and even came out of the lake to eat the bread.



And feeding lots of hungry squirrels, they were taking the nuts from us and them burying them ready for winter.



They were all very friendly and came very close to us.



Lucy Barlow

Fosse Way Academy

Ryan Chapman resized

Ryan Chapman

I had a great time with the robot. The most best thing with the robot was doing drawing. We were drawing Christmas stuff like snow mans, Santa and reindeers.

We also set up our Christmas stuff, even the tree.It was great fun because we were watching Home Alone and it was epic, even though we went shopping, we still loved it. =D

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.02.30

Ryan Chapman

Fosse Way Academy

Livia Briggs

Livia Briggs

Livia and r3p1c

My name is livia and I have got r3p1c. Read on to find out what we did?

After school
After school we went to Grandma’s , we studied the digestion stem and, how it works. I read to r3p1c more about , the digestion because r3p1c did not know what it was ,r3p1c does now. Then we had dinner I had bread and butter with tin hoops. Then mum came, we had to go home.

At home
I showed r3p1c around the house .Then we had a shower, we watched a lot off TV. Then dad said. GO TO BED.

In bed
I talked through my teddy’s and hotey [is a hot water bottle] we are having lots of fun playing and on r3p1c face[that is a TV.] Were watching it. We started to look at the clock constantly, and chatting, but we loved it.

Friday morning
On Friday morning we came down not surprised to see Harry we got in are pyjamas and then started this report. Then mum came down we had to have our breakfast. I had porridge so did r3p1c.

Friday afternoon
At school we are allowed to have teds in the class only because it is PG day .[so r3p1c is in] next lesson is literacy R3p1c helped me and friends, So well done r3p1c you have helped me and frends.r3p1c helped a lot.

Saturday morning
Saturday the busiest day of the week we have got swimming, Grandad comes and TRSPA. Can not wait I mean of cause I could wait.

Now granddad is here yes I love it when he is here because I love granddad.Erey Saturday we get a adult word and we find out wat it means,this week we got well I fgot but it ment when you are not in a grop or a club.

I go swimming on Saturday I go first then it is Harry. Dad gives me a 1£ to buy a little snack too keep me going ,I had yogert and cherey cake thing.I loved it any way what ever it was.

This is all of my friends at trspa .There names are[Jasmine, Sammey, Georgette, r3p1c and Izzi] we are all in group stage 1: We are in the dining room were we have are break .We have 3 lesons: dance,songs and drama. Our favourite is drama when we do it because some times it is dance in drama.

Livia Briggs
Fosse Way Academy